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When Your Doctor Says You’re Fine, Part 1 - Analyzing Lab Ranges

We’ve all been there - you go to your doctor’s office for answers about your chronic illness, gut symptoms, or autoimmune disease, and all they can tell you is you’re completely healthy.

I’ve been there so many times, and in this four part blog series I’m going to show you how to dig deeper into your medical test results in order to uncover the root of your health concerns and get back to your healthiest life!

In part one, we’re going to look at the difference between western medical lab ranges, and functional medicine lab ranges, and how they can make a big difference in your treatment plans.

Three Tips to Find the Best Doctor for You (And Get the Most Out of Your Time and Money)

When struggling with symptoms of a chronic illness, choosing the right health professional for your specific condition can make a huge difference in your health and the amount of time and effort it takes you to start feeling better again.

And, most of the time, finding a doctor who will actually listen to you and who will work to find the root cause of your symptoms can be very daunting.

That’s why I’ve come up with my top three tips for finding a practitioner who will actually work with you and help you move forward on your healing journey.