Healthy Gut, Healthy You

by Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC


All disease begins in the gut, and in his bestselling new book Dr. Ruscio shows how modern diet and lifestyle have made our guts even more susceptible to disease than ever before. Healthy Gut Healthy You offers a personalized, step-by-step plan for getting to the root cause of all your health concerns (not just gut issues!). Dr. Ruscio does this by turning his years of clinical experience into a scientific goldmine for gut healing, providing in-depth information about gut imbalances, gut healing diets, and so much more!


Session 1: Intro - Chapter 5 Discussion


Session 2: Chapters 6 - 10 Discussion

Session 3: Chapters 11 - 13 Discussion

Session 4: Chapters 14 - 18 Discussion

Session 5: Chapters 19 - 22 Discussion

Session 6: Chapters 23 - 33 Discussion


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