Healing Nighttime Potion

Here are all the ingredients for you to recreate my magic nighttime healing potion.

And yes, I call it a potion, so cheesy. But seriously, this stuff looks pretty funky (can you say dark brown and bubbly), but it tastes like chocolate and it does magical things for my body. So, yes, it's a potion, okay.

Best drunk 1 hour before bed, this potion has been my go-to whenever I need a little boost in any area! I mean it helps detox, digestion, and relaxation, what can't it do?

All these ingredients serve a unique purpose in providing healing and relaxation to the body before going to sleep. It's the best routine I've established for my heath, and I hope you find as much benefit from this drink as I have!


Herbal Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

Benefits - Dandelion is a bitter plant that helps to maintain proper bile consistency and flow. It's a super gentle way to help detox the liver by making sure that bile isn't getting backed up and is able to flow properly.

Amount Used - 1 tea bag


Organic Slippery Elm Bark Powder

Benefits - Slippery Elm contains mucilage (a substance that becomes gel-like when mixed with water), which makes it perfect for coating and soothing the entire GI tract. If I'm having any sort of GI discomfort, this product will get me feeling back to 100% almost every time. (spoiler: it's also one of my 5 keys to gut healing, if you haven't check those out already!)

Amount Used - 1/2 - 1 tsp



Four Sigmatic Reishi Mushroom Elixir

Benefits - According to Four Sigmatic, the reishi mushroom is one of the most studied mushrooms shown to activate sleep cycles. And after trying this elixir just once, I totally believe them! This mushroom powder makes me feel so sleepy (in the best way possible), and I always sleep so soundly after I use it. No hype, this stuff works!

Amount Used - 1 packet


Natural Calm Magnesium

Benefits - Most people today are magnesium deficient, and I'm sure I'm no exception. This powder works to balance magnesium and calcium levels in the body. When these minerals are balanced, our muscles are able to relax and we feel less anxious and stressed, a perfect combination for a good night's sleep.

Amount Used - 1 tsp


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