The Gut Healing Ninja Resources

Here are some resources that I created from my own experience, with you in mind.

I hope you find them valuable and that they help empower and encourage you on your healing journey!


My Top 5 Keys to Gut Healing

This eBook contains the top five instrumental things that helped me to heal my gut.

For a long time I was stuck in a cycle of never feeling better. I was afraid that my gut would never heal, and this life of restrictive diets and terrible symptoms would be my new normal.

But, after I slowly started implementing these key ideas, my gut health started to turn around.

I had more energy, could eat more foods, had to rely on less supplements.

And now I want to share those five tips with you!

The Complete Guide to SIBO

This eBook contains everything you could ever want to know about SIBO.

Everything including how you can get SIBO, how it’s diagnosed, what your treatment options are, and how to prevent relapse are all included in this guide.

I know how confusing and scary a SIBO diagnosis can be. With so much “information” out there on the internet, I wanted to create a guide that is backed by science and my own personal experience to help you on your journey.